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Welcome to New York Holistic Health Center (NYHCC). We are the only assigned company with American  Association Of Drugless Practitioners, also we have a training center that use Chinese to educate. Our main training objective will be putting major effort to enhance the ability of pursuit medical practice. Though our specialty HHP training, you will be achieve holistic health professional (HHP). After learn though holistic health professional theory and practice which qualified by the text book ‘Center’, you will be received qualification from (AADP .www.aadp.net).
The main training material and model of instruction in ‘Center’ are using the highest quality production system and development system. Moreover, it has authoritative book publishing and exclusive teaching monopoly method through online education and intelligent mobile learning platform. Therefore, we believe that our students who participated in learning ‘Center’ can achieve and become medical professionals.
We will be providing certificate or diploma after you finish learning ‘Center’. In order to learn easier, you can scan our barcode or QR code and receive education video online so that you can learn wherever it’s convenient for you. We highly recommend you to also join our off-line training courses to participate and improve your HHP skills.
The price of this course also proved the value of this course. Let us to turn your dream into reality. Use our diploma and knowledge to expand your career future. We wish you the best! Learn more about us through our website: www.nyholistichealthcenter.com

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