Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions:

****What is the best way to contact someone at the NYHHC?
We prefer that you Email us with questions at
You may also leave a message at 561-800- 9999 at the NY Holistic Health Center anytime.
Should you call and get a recording, please leave a detailed message with your name, phone
number, best time to reach you, email address, and reason that you are calling. We check emails
and phone messages daily and will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

****What is the value of a Holistic Health Practitioner education?
A certificate as a HHP demonstrates to the public that you have been trained in the science and
practice of Holistic Health. It also signifies that you have passed the appropriate exams required
for the certificate. You will obtain knowledge of alternative natural health. This will allow you to
help others in obtaining and maintaining health.

****What will I be able to do with this type of education?
It is possible for you to start your own business. You can work as a consultant to help clients in the
areas of natural health. We provide more information in our catalog about opportunities. Many of
our students enhance their current career.  As far as using this at a public organization (such as a
doctor’s office, schools or nursing homes) it depends on that organization and their requirements.
Graduates also may work with a licensed practitioner.
What is Certification?
Most schools have students complete an exam that tests the student’s knowledge of the material
taught in the program. Upon successful completion of the exam, a Certificate or Diploma will be
issued by the school attesting that the student has successfully met the requirements for the
What are the regulations regarding Holistic Health Practitioners?
There are no federal regulations for Holistic Health Practitioners to be licensed at this time. There
is National Accreditation for as Holistic Health Practitioners. There are regulations for Massage
Therapists and for other therapies. Some states require a Massage Therapist to be licensed.
Regulations also vary state to state.  It will also depend on you scope of practice. At this time the
only governmental policies regarding Aromatherapy in North America is an occupational title
designation granted to the BCAOA under the Societies Act of British Columbia. International
students should check their country requirements.

****What is a Certified Aromatherapist or Reflexologist or Practitioner?
Most prospective students want to know whether taking our courses will lead to their becoming
‘Certified’ in that healing modality, thereby leading to the title of Certified Holistic Health
Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist or Certified Nutritional Counselor. The answer to this really
depends on what you mean by ‘Certified.” We believe it can be misleading to claim that
completing a course in a healing modality such as reflexology; aromatherapy or color therapy will
lead to a designation of ‘Certified’ Therapist. Our students receive Certificates that state they have
completed a Lesson, Module, or Program to our standards.  It also does not prove the student’s
competency.  It has to be noted that no form of aromatherapy “certification” is currently
recognized in the USA by anyone other than those in the trade, nor is aromatherapy (or essential
oils in the aromatherapy trade) regulated by any governmental body.
What are the designations after completing our program?
You can use RM, NC, HHP, HHS after your name. A designation titles mean is that this is what an
individual instructor, school or institution decided to put on the Certificate or Diploma it awards
those who successfully complete their course. You may also use a title after your name such as;
Reflexologist. Title designations are not recognized by any country’s governmental body.  They
also do not prove your competency.

May I put the N.D. designation (or any of the other designations) after my name?
You may always put any educational or professional designation after your name, but a few states
license naturopaths and unless you are licensed in those states, you cannot practice or identify
yourself as a naturopath (N.D.) Check you state for laws. We give you Certificates once you have
completed the Holistic Health Practitioner or Holistic Health Specialist/Naturopathy program.
****Can I prescribe, diagnose or perform invasive treatments?
Our graduates are not allowed to prescribe, diagnose, or perform invasive treatments. Invasive
treatments such as surgery or injections are part of the “practice of medicine” and would be a
violation of state medical practice laws to perform unless they have the appropriate state license.
Our graduates are knowledgeable and can suggest treatments.
A federal drug license is also needed to prescribe drugs legally. Holistic Health Practitioners or
Naturopaths do not prescribe or advocate the use of drugs. Naturopaths are referred to as “drugless

***Does your school (Ny Holistic Health Center) have a license or accreditation?
Ny Holistic Health Center is national accredited and recognized by several associations and
agencies including the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Because we are an
approved school, you can apply through them after graduation to be a Board Certified Holistic
Health Practitioner. We teach as a Private Tutorial Program provider.
We have not, nor do we plan to seek accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.
*Are you able to give referrals or information on practitioners?
Due to the privacy of our students/graduates, we are not allowed to release student or graduate
contact information.

*I am interested in your school, but I am wondering how your school compares with others.
We believe we have the best Holistic Health correspondence education programs available. We
have 4 comprehensive programs which provide tutoring with ongoing email support. Our students
often tell us how excited they are to get started and they love the program. We provide all the
materials needed to study and complete our programs. We have student advisors to help with any
problem you may encounter.
*How does Ny Holistic Health Center compare with on-campus programs?
Our self-study approach means that you can study at your own pace. You do not have to commute
or move to attend our school. Remember we offer ongoing email support throughout our
programs. We are thousands of dollars less than any other self-study, direct education program
offered in this field, in the U.S. A local school in Ohio charges over $12,000 just for their Holistic
Health Practitioner Program.

*How many students are currently enrolled in your programs?
We have many students currently enrolled in our program all over the country and internationally.

*What are your course materials? Do you have any samples of course work that you can
send me?
One of several text books that we use in our program is called Alternative Medicine – the
Definitive Guide. We also include eBooks in PDF format for each lesson. We include hundreds of
extra resource PDF eBooks as well.
The course work for our program is completed by reading a text book or ebook (PDF) and
answering questions in a workbook. Some courses have audios or DVD/videos supporting the
lesson. Each workbook contains additional information and may also instruct you to do practice
sessions. Answers must be typed in the work book and emailed back to us or the work books also
may be scanned and emailed back to us. The questions in the work book can be in a variety of
formats. They can be True/False, fill in the blank, short essay or short answer or book reports. Yes,

we do have samples of coursework; it is only a portion of what is in an actual lesson. Email us to
request a sample.

*How long does it take to complete the program?
The programs are done at your own pace.
The average time of completion for each program is:
Holistic Health Practitioner – 6 months to 1 year
Holistic Health Practitioner through Holistic Health Specialists Programs – 2 years

*How many hours to complete the programs?  
These are not traditional credit hours because we do not go by traditional credit hours.
HHP – Holistic Health Specialist is approximately 1200 hours based on 10 – 15 hours of study per
week for 24 months.
The hours per lesson are an estimated amount of study hours to spend on each lesson.

*If I complete your programs, are the courses I’ve taken transferable to another school or
Each school sets its own policy on accepting credits from other institutions. We cannot guarantee
that other schools will offer comparable courses and give credit for work completed with

*How can I get started with a program?
To get started, you need to submit an application. With the application, you will need to also
submit a form of payment (please refer to payment information). We accept checks, money orders
and payment through PayPal.
*How and when can I enroll?
You submit your application with your registration payment. We let you know within 3 days of
your acceptance into our programs. We have open enrollment therefore you can enroll whenever
you are ready to begin the program.
*What are the requirements to enroll?
We require the minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in any program that we
offer. You do not need an Associate, Bachelors or a Masters degree to enroll.
*What are the tuition fees? Everything is included.
Holistic acupressure (HA) $5750
Aromatherapist $2750
Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) – $7850
******Prices are subject to change without notice******

*Can I get Financial Aid?
Using financial aid for our programs just depends on the organization providing the funding.
Please check with them. We do not provide a school (NYHHC) code.
*Do you offer installment plans?
We may have a payment plan for our programs through a subscription plan. The student pays a
down payment with monthly payments through PayPal.
Subject to credit check and fees. Student must also complete an enrollment contract.
******Prices are subject to change without notice******

*Do you offer any discounts?
We are able to offer a few discounts. We can issue up to 2 discounts at our discretion.
The discounts that are available are:

1) Paid in full Discount
2) Studying with another student (additional students receives a 25% discount which you split)
3) Referral rewards
****Discounts are subject to change without notice****

*Can I study with others? Is there a discount for this?
You are more than welcome to study with others. We offer a discount on our programs when
you share materials with a family member or friend. Studying with others is a great way to
understand the material! However, when it comes to the test answers, you must answer them
on your own. We do realize that some of the answers will be identical (such as multiple choice,
or true/false), and this is unavoidable.

*Are books and other materials included in the tuition fees?
Yes. Books, PDFs (adobe documents), word documents, and workbooks ( in word document
format) are included in our programs. We also include extra resource materials with no course
work requirements.

*Once I submit my application, when will I receive my materials? What will I receive?
The processing of your application can take up to 1 week. Upon payment approval, you will get an
email from us and also a tracking number for material sent.

*How often are materials sent to me? How do I know what order to follow?
If you have paid for your program in full, you may receive the modules either all at one time. You
should work on the courses in the order that we offer them for the best benefit.
If you are on the installment plan, we will send Module 1. After that you will receive another
module about every 2-3 months as long as payments are received.

*Do I have to complete everything to receive my Certificates?
Yes, you will need to complete all of the coursework in each module for individual
module certificates. For the HHP certificates all lessons or all lessons are required.

*What do I do if I have a question from the workbook? Do you have instructors?
It is best to email your questions to .  I will answer your questions or
direct you to an advisor to quickly respond back to you. We help tutor you throughout our
programs. All your workbook and tests are completed by open book. We do help as much as we
possibly can.  We cannot, give you the answers to the questions. We assist with you completing
the work yourself.

*How do I submit my homework? Once I submit my homework, how long will it take for me
to get the results?
We prefer students to complete all lessons within a module. Once you complete the workbook for
one module you submit your work to us via email. For example; complete lessons HHP 1 through
HHP 7 which are in Module 1. We do our best to review your work and give feedback/grade
within 1 week.

*When my course work is done, is there a final exam?